Sculpture candles now available


Jam Sutton’s wax sculptures are from a series of work exploring violence in history and its relevance today, drawing comparisons between the mythological battles portrayed in the Greek Parthenon marbles and modern protest violence. The transient nature of the wax material combined with the relic sculptures creates a destructive art piece that melts as a performance, transforming over time and a reminder of the destruction of war and violence. 'The Kiss’ sculpture candle depicts a classical embrace representing peace, juxtaposed with the threat of riot violence. Burning the candle reminds us of the destruction of war, but ultimately how peace overcomes violence. These sculpture candles are handmade utilising 3d scanning, 3d printing and traditional candle making techniques. The candle is created using unscented natural soy wax and burns with a pure cotton wick.


 The sculpture candles are now available in the online store.