Battle of the Centaurs Candle Vessel - Black Basalt


‘The Battle of the Centaurs’ frieze candle pot features sculptural artwork by Jam Sutton. The frieze artwork is a juxtaposition of antiquity and modern society. Created using technological production methods and traditional artisan techniques, the containers and lids are hand finished in either marble or volcanic basalt stone.

Each pot includes a glass insert with ‘Therandros’ fragranced wax: a scent inspired by the mythological battle of the Centaurs and Lapiths.
This fragrance infuses the room with notes of citrus and spice emerging through the scent of delicate eucalyptus and burning cedar wood.

Each candle is packaged in an Apotheosis presentation box. 
Once used, refills can be purchased online, the pot also becomes a container to decorate your home interiors.

Black volcanic basalt stone.
Sculptural relief by Jam Sutton featured on the container and lid.
Dimensions: 13cm Height (including lid) x 10cm Width x 10cm Diameter.
Fragranced black paraffin wax candle insert (30 cl glass container).
Pure cotton wick.
Approximate burn time: 40 hours.
The candle vessel and lid can be reused.
Made in England.

Warning please follow safety instructions whilst burning your candle:

  • Never leave a burning candle unattended.
  • Burn candle away from reach of children & Pets.
  • Always leave at least 10cm distance between burning candles.
  • Never burn candle on a flammable surface or near flammable objects.
  • Keep wick trimmed to 1cm.
  • Do not move candle whilst burning.
  • Burn time 40 hours approx.

Information on marble/stone candle vessel:

  • Candle vessel is not dishwasher safe, food safe or microwavable.
  • Ensure the vessel does not come into direct contact with candle flame.
  • Please extinguish candle flame before replacing lid.
  • Wash pot with warm soapy water if required.
  • A damp clean cloth may be used to clean the pot.
  • Dust with a soft cloth.

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