'PARADISE LOST' PONCHO from Collection VI.

‘PARADISE LOST’ is a new series of artwork by Jam Sutton exploring the relationship between nature and humanity. 

The artwork references taxidermy and natural history dioramas, which since their conception in the late 19th century, aim to preserve an image of nature and it’s environment prior to human involvement (‘Eden’ or ‘Paradise’). The diorama sculptures in ‘Paradise Lost’ do the opposite; they capture nature in an environment which has been impacted by humans.

The sculptures are exhibited through This Is Not Clothing as a wearable art print and interactive Augmented Reality experience by using the free 'This Is Not Clothing' app.

High quality digital print on cotton. 100% cotton.


Width 130
Length 110

Our clothing is manufactured in Portugal using a high quality 100% organic cotton. Multiple separate yarns are twisted together binding the surface fibres into the weave, creating a yarn which is strong, smooth and highly resistant to pilling and abrasion from wear. The end result, is a soft smooth fabric, with a perfect surface for digital print. The colours on this fabric are highly resistant to fading from the wash (follow care instructions) and when cared for properly will look new for a long period of time.

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