‘This Is Not Clothing' is a concept brand and consumerist art movement.

Artist Jam Sutton juxtaposes contemporary culture and fine art. Using clothing as a wearable canvas, Jam exhibits his original artwork and vision of contemporary society.
Jam’s work breaks away from traditional boundaries of still and moving image. Despite his young age, Jam is regarded as one of the most talented and exciting upcoming creatives. Jam has collaborated with multi-platinum musicians such as Pharrell Williams & N.E.R.D, Steve Aoki, Azealia Banks, Kid Cudi and Travis Barker. 
Through ‘This Is Not Clothing’ Jam creates original pieces and shares his unique vision of our society.


The ‘This Is Not Clothing’ app is an augmented reality experience, unlocking interactive artwork and digital sculptures by scanning This Is Not Clothing’s labels. The app enhances This Is Not Clothing’s exploration of fashion, art and technology, adding a new dimension and experience to the artwork created by Jam Sutton. Scan the image on the reverse of your clothing tag to unlock a 3d sculpture; you can now view the digital artwork from all angles. Take a photo of your artwork using the app and share via social media. 


Information on our quality

Our clothing is manufactured in Portugal. The cotton we use is of the highest quality Italian Siro cotton. Multiple separate yarns are twisted together binding the surface fibres into the weave, therefore creating a yarn which is strong, smooth and highly resistant to pilling and abrasion from wear. The end result is a soft, silky smooth fabric, creating a perfect surface for digital print. The colours on this fabric are highly resistant to fading from the wash (follow care instructions) and when cared for properly will look new for a long period of time.


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