Introducing 'The Garden of the Hesperides' by Apotheosis

Our artisan candle vessels feature highly detailed sculptural reliefs, designed by Jam Sutton. The candles infuse your space with complex fragrances.

This collection is inspired by the mythological legend, the Garden of the Hesperides; Hera’s exotic garden near the foot of the Atlas Mountains. A grove of golden citrus fruits, cultivated by the goddess Gaia, thrives in the garden. The grove was guarded by mythological beasts, which punished those trying to steal the golden fruits.

The fragrances are inspired by a night in the Garden; scents of citrus fruits intermingle with the delicate fragrances of exotic flowers and plants. The scent of burning wood during the nuptial celebrations of Zeus and Hera drift over a moonlit river, warming the night air with smoky florals.



A deep and woody fragrance from the forest of the Hesperides, where mythological creatures roamed.

Notes of Vetiver, Guaiac, Bergamot and Ginger.

'The Transformation of Zeus'

Zeus stands in the orange grove in the Garden of the Hesperides, surrounded by the radiant fragrance of spice and citrus.

Notes of Tangerine, Ginger and Oakmoss.

'The Garden of the Hesperides'

The fragrance of green leaves and gentle floral scents of tulip, honeysuckle and rosewood drift through the evening air.

Notes of Tulip, Honeysuckle and Rosewood.

'Nocturne Noir'

The scent of burning wood smoke drifts through a fragranced garden of malmaison and thyme.

Notes of Burning wood, Malmaison and Thyme

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