‘This Is Not Clothing’
Augmented Reality App

The ‘This Is Not Clothing’ app is an augmented reality experience, unlocking interactive artwork and digital sculptures by scanning This Is Not Clothing’s labels. The app enhances This Is Not Clothing’s exploration of fashion, art and technology, adding a new dimension and experience to the artwork created by Jam Sutton.
Scan the image on the reverse of your clothing tag to unlock a 3d sculpture; you can now view the digital artwork from all angles. Take a photo of your artwork using the app and share via social media.
There are 8 sculptures to unlock using Collection III/II clothing tags.

Download the app from the App Store (for Apple devices) and Google Play (for Android devices).




Download and print the following PDF to unlock two digital sculptures, ‘Theseus & the Minotaur’ & ‘David & Goliath’.