Collection I


The collection featuring Marilyn Monroe (Suzie Kennedy) captures various aspects of the icons life. Monroe is not only known for her iconic beauty on the silver screen, but her troubled personal life.
Monroe transforms into Venus, known as the bringer of joy, the Roman goddess of love and beauty. Monroe is depicted standing on an ocean shell surrounded by admirers & paparazzi, reminiscent of, perhaps, the most iconic image of the 20th century, the famous skirt-blowing scene in ‘The Seven Year Itch’.
The happy Lichtenstien ‘Girl with ball’ is reminiscent of Monroe’s famous beach photoshoots and captures the playful innocence & light-hearted character Monroe was continuously stereotyped as.

The darker side to Monroe and her famous love affair with President John F. Kennedy is depicted through the Lichtenstien pop art inspired remake of ‘Oh, John I love you, too… but…’ and Michelangelo’s ‘Pieta’, depicting the dramatic death of JFK. The image shows Monroe holding assassinated JFK portraying the Virgin Mary holding Jesus after crucifixion; both figures became tragic icons of a modern-day ‘Pieta’ and shocked the world with their untimely deaths.
The collaboration with recording artist Natalia Kills depicts various surrealist paintings, inspired by a selection of works by Salvador Dali, René Magritte, Philip Halsman and Frida Kahlo. The collection deals with insecurities, heartbreaks and religious iconography.
‘Dangerous Liaisons’ originally painted by René Magritte, depicts the naked body, holding a mirror which is turned towards the observer. It covers her body from shoulders to thighs; simultaneously, however, it reflects precisely that part of her body which it is covering. The image represents vanity, shame and anxiety, much commonly portrayed through the Beligan Surrealists’ work.