Collection III/II


Collection III/II takes inspiration from classical sculpture and modern protest. The collection features a series of digital sculptures created using 3d scanning techniques of real-life models. The artwork is inspired by the Parthenon Marbles from Athens, Greece. The marble sculptures depict a ferocious battle between the Lapiths (legendary people of Greek mythology) and the Centaurs (half man, half horse). ‘Collection III’ takes inspiration from these violent Greek sculptures, bringing the concept into modern day scenarios: replacing the Lapiths and Centaurs with riot police and uprising protesters. The resulting images are a juxtaposition of classical art and the anxiety of modern culture, contrasting mythology with real-life events. 




The digital sculptures were created using latest 3D scanning technology, allowing the replication of human form as a three-dimensional digital file. This technology allowed the creation of the neo-classical sculptures, combining traditional aesthetics with modern practises. The raw scan data was then refined into the final digital sculptures. Models: Jack Beran, Emelie Stenman & Joel Hicks. 3D scanning technology provided by Ten24. 3D data refinement by Ten24, additional modelling by Ben Douglas.































Lookbook photography by Jam Sutton | Model: Jossi Lee | Photography assistance Paolo Jones.