The Communion III


‘The Communion III’ from Collection II/II. ‘The Communion III’ is inspired by consumerism, fast food and disposable culture. The artwork depicts a religious communion, the body of Christ is replaced with a burger, and the blood of Christ is replaced with soda, highlighting today’s worship of fast food and disposable culture.

Collection II/II features artwork inspired by consumerism (fast food, disposable culture); war (Eugène Delacroix’s masterpiece ‘La Liberté guidant le peuple’); and wealth (still life artwork inspired by the 16th and 17th Century art movement ‘Vanitas’, representing the meaninglessness of earthly life and the transient nature of all earthly goods and pursuits).

High quality digital print on 100% fair trade ethical cotton.
Lookbook model is 5’10 and wearing a Medium.

Chest Width 50 53 56 60
Body Length 70 72 74 76
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